29 Aug



some vids i like!

22 Aug



yep………..i know i fail at this!

28 Jul

well…………………………please dont!! i an feel your eye’s baring into me saying ‘where have you been?’ like my mother when i’m out later then i should’ve been! well, im sorry! i’ve been on holiday! and what a holiday it was!!

  • brantley told me he wanted us to be together forever
  • he gave me his great-grandma’s engagement ring
  • yep – you really did read that last one right!
  • oooooooooppppps!!! i forgot to tell you lot that me and brantley are a cupple!
  • sorry ladies!! and maybe some gents!

anyway back to my holiday!

  • i got some major shopping done!!

oh, it wasnt just me and brantley – it was with his family!

anyway i had a really good time x this is just a short one to let you all i know that i m still here

we flew out to paris on monday and arrived quite late but we did a little bit of late night sightseeing,


14 Jul

i have to apologise for lack of actual blogs recently, and have to say that it wont change in the near future!! if you follow me on twitter you may have heard that Brantley and me are now an ITEM and are going to paris with his family on monday!! i will keep a diary and then post them one at a time for something for you all to read!!

sarah torii xx

me singing adele ‘someone like you’

11 Jul

as those of you who follow me on twitter might have heard i did this in music today and wanted to share it with you all! hope you enjoy! there are a few BIGG mistakes but heigh-ho

sarah torii xx

me&original way!

10 Jul

this is me and my dance team performing at a volounteer event – we made this routine up ourselves and my friend sean (who taught me to upload these vids) did the music xx i am the one with the yellow box around me at times – just so you know!

and this is part of the team dancing a jive at the opening of a grotto

me singing ‘Savage Garden – To The Moon and Back’

9 Jul

my friend sean (who also took the pictures of me on the wall) taught me how to upload this! and he also recorded this x still not the best quality but a lot better! it cuts the last little bit! but heigh-ho PS it has quite a long intro – there is nothing wrong with your pc xx